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  UrT is a conceptual piece which softens the line between my loves of printmaking and street art. The print itself is an overlaid design of repeated ‘handstyle’ tags created using painterly silkscreen techniques and impressed to build abstract shapes in the intersecting organic lines. Pieces from the edition and various artist proofs were then hung on-location in sections of Baltimore with strong and interesting tableaus of handstyle graffiti, placed among wet mop marker tags and spraypaint spatter. The work is meant as a bit of a nudge to both disciplines with regards to the act of creating an authentic fine art print of common vandalism with the explicit intention of returning it to the street environment. If nothing else, I at least get a chuckle out of seeing blackbook scribbles printed on Rives BFK and hung next to ‘cas’ and ‘NARK’ tags below a defunct power meter.