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Sound Design
  The two sound design pieces presented here, Phonography - 宇宙の水 and Soundscape - 暗い大気, are personal explorations into the world of recording and editing for soundscape production. Phonography - 宇宙の水 uses exclusively un-doctored sounds recorded directly from nature, mixed and mastered to create an immersive waterscape while remaining true to source. Soundscape - 暗い大気, however, utilizes a wide variety of sonic sources, from bats in an abandoned barn, to coil springs and bearings recorded with three-dimensional audio, to the wind whistling through steel tanks at a concrete plant, many of which were heavily modified so as to be unrecognizable. Due to the nature of the material and the methods of production, I highly recommend the use of headphones when listening to these pieces, so as to experience them fully.